99% of our rentals no longer require a deposit. Only some of our more expensive items require a deposit or proof of insurance. For these items, a deposit may be left in the form of cash or on a debit or credit card. We evaluate every order and do reserve the right to ask for a deposit if we feel it’s necessary.

Canceling Orders

If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, please contact us. There is no charge or penalty for cancelling an order. Once your order has been cancelled, you will receive a refund for the total amount of your cancelled order.

Returning Gear

Rentals are due back before noon the next day, (or if renting for multiple days, by noon after the last day you chose on the calendar). Please note that due to the high demand of equipment, any gear that is returned after 12:00pm will be charged an extra day’s fee.


If you need to extend a rental, please call us at (210) 349-4400. Although it is possible to extend your rental period, due to high demand, we must first make sure that gear in your possession has not already been booked by another customer.

Rental Period

Your rental can be picked up as early as 9:30am on the first day you chose on the calendar during your booking.