Renting & Reservations

Any individual or company wishing to rent equipment from The Camera Exchange, Inc. must have a valid driver’s license and a major credit card which must be present. Because all equipment is rented on a first come first served basis, we cannot guarantee availability on short notice or walk-ins.


It is understood and agreed that the renter is familiar with this equipment and knowledgeable as to its proper use. The renter has inspected all equipment before accepting the rental. Any damages that occur after leaving The Camera Exchange, Inc. are the responsibility of the renter.

Battery Policy

On equipment with rechargeable batteries, you will be provided with an additional battery. However, all rechargeable batteries do not come charged and may need charging prior to use. It is the renters responsibility to charge batteries before use. We do our best to charge said batteries before rentals but are not always able to do so

Instruction Manual Policy

Almost all instruction manuals are provided for download on our website.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged

Renter will immediately notify The Camera Exchange, Inc. if the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged. The renter agrees to assume full responsibility for all rental equipment and also agrees to allow The Camera Exchange, Inc. to charge renters credit card for the full cost of replacement equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged. This includes paying for all repairs up to the full replacement value of the equipment if it is damaged beyond repair, and paying full replacement value for stolen or lost equipment. The renter & The Camera Exchange, Inc. agree to be bound,legally and otherwise,by the report of The Camera Exchange,Inc. chosen repair venue as to the cause of the damage to the equipment. If the charges are denied by the renters credit card the renter understands that the renters account will be turned over to a collection agency.

Use of Equipment

Renter agrees to use the equipment safely and only in the manner for which it is intended to be used. Use for any illegal purpose or in any illegal manner is prohibited. Renter will indemnify and defend The Camera Exchange, Inc. from and against any and all claims, demands and liability whatsoever including, but without limitation, all loss, costs, attorney’s fee or damages arising out of renter’s misuse, unsafe use, reckless use of the equipment or equipment failure, and further, that the equipment will be used solely by the renter and no other person without the written consent of The Camera Exchange, Inc.

Return of Equipment & Late Returns

The renter will return the rented equipment and all attachments and parts belonging to The Camera Exchange, Inc. in the same condition the same was received. If renter returns the equipment to The Camera Exchange, Inc. after the time & date the rental period ends, renter agrees to allow The Camera Exchange, Inc. to charge renters credit card for the appropriate late fee of one full rental day and one additional rental day for every 24 hours beyond the end of the rental period until the equipment is returned. Total amount of late charge will never exceed retail price. If the charges are denied by the renters credit card the renter understands that the renters account will be turned over to a collection agency.


A deposit for the full amount of the equipment value is required for select rentals. All deposits must be made in person by the individual picking up rental equipment. If you do not have an established account with The Camera Exchange, Inc. the deposit must be made with a credit card with a sufficient limit to accept the full amount of the deposit. Cash is also an acceptable form of deposit.


We are glad to extend rental time, however, the following conditions will apply. You need to call The Camera Exchange Rental Department at 210-349-4400 prior to your scheduled rental return time. We take reservations on all rental equipment and extending your rental time may not be possible. If your rental is not returned on time and causes a loss of revenue or inconvenience to the next rental customer, you will be charged for the lost revenue.


All refunds will be issued by the same method paid (cash purchases over $50 will be paid by check). Some refunds can take up to 10 days.

Out of Country Rentals

Rental equipment must not be taken out of the Continental US without prior permission in writing from an authorized official of The Camera Exchange. If equipment is permitted by The Camera Exchange, Inc. renters are responsible for registration with US Foreign Customs. No rental allowance will be made for time lost due to improper documentation, impounding or delays of any kind by Customs for any reason.

Right to Refuse Service

The Camera Exchange, Inc. reserves the right to refuse rental of its equipment to anyone it deems inexperienced or does not meet the requirements set forth in our terms and conditions.

Try Before You Buy

Up to one day rental charges can be applied to the purchase of the same equipment rented within a week period from the rental return. (In-Store Only)

Rental Protection Plan

Renter, may elect, on certain items, to pay an additional sum to The Camera Exchange for a limitation of liability for damaged equipment. When purchased, the Protection plan limits Renter’s liability in the case of damage on covered equipment. Repair or replacement, if needed, is determined by The Camera Exchange, Inc. 1. Damaged equipment must be returned to the The Camera Exchange at the expiration of the rental period. 2. On equipment covered by the optional Protection plan, Renter’s maximum liability of damage is the lesser of 15% of the replacement cost of the equipment or the actual cost of repair. 3. The Protection plan only limits liability for damage caused by the ordinary negligence of the Renter and does not cover any of the following types of damage: Water damage; Camera sensor damage caused by exposure to the Sun; Intentional damage; Damage arising from reckless or grossly negligent use of the equipment; Damage caused by abnormal or abusive use of the equipment; 4. This plan does not limit the liability of the Renter in regards to: Equipment not returned to the Lessor due to theft, loss, or any other casualty; Lost accessories.